Every writer dreams of landing that big book contract

The one that comes with the nice advance, the multi-city media tour, and the red carpet awards. But only a select few put in the work to achieve that level of craft, to become the type of writer who can consistently produce:
  • Fun, fresh book ideas with great story hooks
  • Authentic, unexpected characters you can’t get out of your head
  • Fast-paced plots with thrilling twists and killer cliffhangers
  • Professional pitch packages that bypass gatekeepers and land the deal

RC1’s Total Story Accelerator has every tool you need to succeed

You’ll learn from industry experts how see your own story through the lens of a professional writer. You’ll pitch, polish, and repeat until your story shines. And then, when it’s READY, you’ll make a plan and submit to the right editors and agents-the ones hungry for exactly what you’re writing.

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Here’s what’s included:

  • One year of access to the Total Story Accelerator program and curriculum including all videos, workbooks, and downloadable worksheets
  • Access to our Peer Critique Forum, where you can post sections of your story for review by fellow writers
  • Story Score analytics on everything you post, helping identify story strengths and what needs revision
  • Entry into all RC1 contests where top stories win critiques from acquiring editors and agents

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The RC1 Promise

Here’s how much we believe in what we’ve built. If you put in the work by completing every module in the Total Story Accelerator and regularly participate in our Peer Critique Forum over the first six months, we guarantee you’ll raise your Story Scores or we’ll refund you 100% of the purchase price. So you either end up a better writer, closer to your publishing dream, or you get all of your money back. Either way, you win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the story behind Ready Chapter 1?
RC1 was envisioned when COVID shut down a local in-person writers’ group led by award-winning author / illustrator Fred Koehler. Not wanting to leave his fellow writers hanging, Fred asked them what they felt would be most helpful. The results of those conversations led to what we have now!

For whom is Total Story Accelerator intended?
This program is designed for novelists and storytellers intending to pitch their stories to traditional publishers and beyond. Our Total Story Accelerator program is built to move along with you as you revise a novel or a write something new. A perfect student would come with the seed of an idea, ready to grow it into a fully fledged novel and pitch package. 

What if I self-publish or use a hybrid publishing model?
Feedback and education are both critical tools for every writer, including indie authors. You may even find out that a traditional publishing route is in the cards after all.

What if I write JUST for kids and teens?
You’re in the right place. Our forum has a section for you and our faculty members have extensive experience in the children’s market.

What if I write JUST for adults?
You’re still in the right place. Many of our faculty members write / edit / acquire for the adult market as well. And because great storytelling transcends genre, these tools can be valuable whether you write pre-teen friendship stories or futuristic zombie romance.

What if I write picture books?
We would love to say that picture book writers would benefit from Total Story Accelerator, but only some of the subject matter would be relevant.

Can I participate if I’m a high school student?
Per the terms of our platform, anyone under 18 must have a parent’s permission to participate. We recommend students be at least 16. Explicit content goes against our community standards, but there may be discussions of romance writing that are physical in nature or action scenes that contain violence.

Will I be able to query my book to faculty members?
Our acquiring editors and agents are generally open to submissions, but that’s not the point of RC1. We hope that you’ll use the opportunity to learn and grow as a writer, especially using the feedback from our forum as part of your plan to find the perfect agents or editors to query–not just the ones on faculty.

Will I be offered a publishing deal through this program?
The RC1 faculty includes acquiring editors and agents, but there is no guarantee that they will be interested in representing or acquiring your story. If an agent or editor from the program is interested in your story, they will reach out to you individually and independently.

I am having trouble logging on. What do I do?
Contact us at team (at) readychapter1 (dot) com. We’ll get you sorted.

Can I get more involved with Ready Chapter 1? 
Contact us at team (at) readychapter1 (dot) com for current volunteer opportunities.