How Pro Authors Write and Sell Stories

Developed in collaboration with Janice Hardy’s Fiction University, RC1’s Total Story Accelerator is a master class series and toolkit laser-focused on helping you create a finished novel poised for publishing sales. These exclusive tools exist nowhere else on the planet and offer everything you need to polish, pitch, and sell your novel to a traditional publisher.

TSA helps you become the type of writer who consistently produces:

  • Fun, fresh book ideas with great story hooks
  • Authentic, unexpected characters you can’t get out of your head
  • Fast-paced plots with thrilling twists and killer cliffhangers
  • Professional pitch packages that get past gatekeepers and land the deal

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It might seem impossible to break in to an industry with a 99 percent rejection rate.

Especially when editors and agents receive FIVE TIMES the number of submissions they got 20 years ago and no longer have the time to send personalized feedback UNLESS they want to work with you. 

This broken system makes you feel like you’re in a Rejection Cycle where your only choices are to keep trying with less and less hope or else give up altogether. 

Maybe you struggle with confidence or self-sabotage as you feel like no one understands you or your story. You suffer from imposter syndrome when you see other writers achieving their dreams. It feels like your goal of becoming a published author will never happen.

What if there was a better way?

Imagine the following was true…

You know what readers love about your story, but also what you need to do to make it submission-ready.

You have every tool you need to level up. Your writing improves with every chapter as you master new techniques.

Your story ideas are consistently fresh and original, rooted in what you deeply know and care about.

Your characters are unforgettable. Your dialogue sizzles. Your plot twists and turns in a roller coaster thrill ride. Your story is AWESOME.

You master the ins and outs of querying your manuscript to editors and agents who are hungry for stories like yours.

You’ve created a cycle where you’re writing with consistency, pitching with confidence, and achieving your writing goals.

Introducing RC1's Total Story Accelerator!

A proven framework for helping writers like you become confident and equipped in your publishing pursuits, both creatively and in business.

Forget the frustration of having to figure it all out on your own! Get a clear, simple roadmap to follow on your schedule, at your pace. There’s no getting behind and we’re here every step of the way.

Inside Total Story Accelerator, you’ll find:

  • 10 exclusive e-Learning master classes on critical elements of craft
  • 20+ hours of video training and interviews
  • 270+ pages of workbooks
  • 70+ printable worksheets
  • 24/7 peer feedback and curriculum Q&A through our Peer Critique Forum

Learn More in This FREE Training

Join RC1 founders and award-winning authors Fred Koehler and Sarah McGuire in this FREE training video that dives deeper into how successful writers navigate today’s publishing industry.

Together, we're helping writers at every stage of their publishing journey.

  • Clarify your writing purpose and vision, empowering you to pursue your publishing goals with confidence and conviction.

  • Overcome self-doubt, telling stories only YOU can tell by aligning your unique authorial Voice with the principles of successful storytelling.

  • Generate captivating story concepts, crafting ideas that resonate with audiences and publishers alike.

  • Create memorable and impactful characters that linger in readers’ minds.

  • Craft suspenseful plots, infusing your narratives with conflict and tension.

  • Learn the building blocks of novel writing, using successful scene structure to shape your stories.

  • Master the art of dialogue, moving your story forward through the words and thoughts of your characters.

  • Build immersive story worlds, developing environments that enhance the richness and depth of your narratives.

  • Perfect your manuscript through revision, honing every sentence until the story is READY.

  • Navigate the path to publication, learning the essentials of successful querying in the competitive publishing landscape.

  • And much, much more.

Practice what you've learned in our Pro Feedback Forum.

Built by writers for writers, RC1’s 24/7 feedback exchange is designed to help any writer at any level fine-tune their story and grow as a writer, all in a supportive peer review environment with cool data analytics we call Story Scores™. 

What's included with Total Story Accelerator?

Thousands of dollars worth of transformational resources & tools…

Our community is a formidable group of laser-focused writers who are all working toward professional publishing goals. 

Total Story Accelerator includes 24/7 Access to:

  • 10 Exclusive Master Classes: Designed in collaboration with Fiction University, the Total Story Accelerator is a master class series providing exclusive tools, e-learning classes, and resources, propelling writers toward a finished novel poised for successful publication.

  • The Writers Roadmap: A strategic journey toward publication, incorporating personalized tracking to keep your focus sharp.

  • RC1’s Writer Self-Assessment Tool: Allowing you to compare where you think you’re at on your journey, with the feedback you get from fellow writers. Use this as a personalized compass for honing skills on the road to publication.

  • Peer Critique Forum: Swap feedback In a safe, feedback-driven forum with other writers pursuing publication.

  • Story Scores: Our critique data aggregator that identifies what’s working well with your story and what needs revision.

  • Exclusive Submission Tools: Streamlining the submission process, we’ve built exclusive tools to empower writers with efficient and tailored methods to submit their work, saving time and increasing their chances of getting published.

  • MUCH MORE: Committed to innovation, Ready Chapter 1 continuously designs and provides an array of tools, methods, and opportunities, ensuring writers have every resource at their disposal to swiftly advance on their journey to publication.

How to know if Total Story Accelerator is right for you:

We want everyone to experience TSA because we know it builds better writers. But not everyone will benefit from this masterclass series.

Who should wait:

❌ Currently not in a season of life where there is a genuine focus on advancing writing skills and achieving literary goals.

❌ Not ready to commit to actively pursuing writing seriously in a community.

❌ Not willing to invest time and effort in advancing personal and professional growth as a writer.

❌ Unwilling to make changes in schedule or lifestyle to accommodate the writing journey.

❌ Resistant to trying new writing techniques, breaking unhealthy mindsets, or adapting to positive writing habits.

❌ Expecting instant success or searching for magic solutions rather than embracing the continuous journey of writing development.

❌ Uninterested in actively participating in a global community of writers or learning to become a good critique partner. 

❌ Unwilling to receive input from experienced mentors or contribute positively to the growth of fellow community members.

❌ Seeking get-rich-quick schemes or expecting rapid financial success without recognizing the dedication required for a sustainable writing career.

Who would benefit:

✅ In a season of life where you are genuinely focused on advancing your writing skills and achieving your literary goals.

✅ Committed to dedicating time and effort to enhance your skills and contribute to a writing community.

✅ Recognize the value of continuous learning and improvement as a writer.

✅ Open to trying new writing techniques, breaking unhealthy mindsets, and fostering positive writing habits.

✅ Understand that writing success is a journey and not an overnight phenomenon.

✅ Not seeking quick fixes or magic pills but willing to invest time and effort to grow as a writer.

✅ Willing to invest in your writing journey by actively participating in a global community of writers.

✅ Ready to receive input from experienced mentors and fellow community members.

✅ Have a genuine desire to thrive as a writer and contribute positively to the growth of others.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


We know that RC1’s methodology is a transformative process for those who do the work. That’s why the program comes with a full money-back guarantee. If you complete the Total Story Accelerator curriculum and post weekly in the forums for six months and see NO INCREASE in your Story Scores, simply request a full refund. It’s that easy.

Some Simple Math...

If you’ve gotten this far and still think there’s a quick and easy path to a six-figure book deal, we’re sorry to disappoint. Serious writers know they have to invest in education and networking continually UNTIL the book and the author are both READY. 

To get every tool you’ll need to succeed in publishing, you can easily spend $10,000 per project with NO promise of any results. We built Ready Chapter 1 to offer the same value as all of these expensive methods at a price point that working writers can afford. Total Story Accelerator has every tool you need to polish, pitch, and ultimately land that big book contract all for less than the cost of attending a single conference. Enrolling is a no-brainer.

You could easily pay $10K 🙁


1X Independent Editor……………….$5,000

2X Conference registration…………$1200

2X Airfare…………………………………..$600

4X Uber………………………………………$400

12X Meals…………………………………..$600

4X Hotel……………………………………$1,200

1X College Writing Course………….$1,500

Online Master Class…………………….$400

Or Join TSA! 🙂


Total Story Accelerator master classes……Included

Access to Professional Writer Network……Included

Q&A with Published Staff Authors…………..Included

24/7 Peer Critique Community………………..Included

Airfare and Travel………………………………Not needed


Every tool you need for less than the cost of attending single conference

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“We have an official launch date! CELEBRITY CRUSH will come out Feb. 11, 2025 from Hachette!”

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Meet Fred Koehler & Sarah McGuire

This community was born out of the pandemic when we asked all of our writer friends what they needed to progress their careers. The overwhelming response was twofold: Education and Opportunity. The solution we envisioned is a feedback exchange platform with a complete storytelling curriculum and a roadmap to publishing success that includes access to industry gatekeepers for stories that are ready.

In all of our years as published authors, we had never seen a program that provides every tool you’ll need at the key moments you’ll need them in the writing, polishing, and pitching process. Well, not till now. So here we go, on an adventure. Are you READY?

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The more you learn, the quicker your work will be ready. Every RC1 class is laser-focused on preparing your story / manuscript for publication.

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Through contests judged by acquiring editors and agents. Learn what they’re looking for in a manuscript and submit with confidence knowing you’ve made a personal connection.

Break the Rejection Cycle

Polish your work in progress until it shines. Then, learn tricks of the trade for getting past the slush pile and into the eager hands of editors and agents.

See ya on the bestseller list!