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Better Feedback = Better Stories

That’s the vision behind Ready Chapter 1’s Peer Critique Forum. We’ve designed our platform as a safe place to give and receive fast, actionable feedback on your written work, from concept to first draft. Here are a few features:

  • Private forum for professional and aspiring novelists
  • Aggregated scores are calculated for every post
  • See your chapter’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Protected against text copying
  • Achieve top Story Scores™ to win writing contests for editor and agent critiques
  • No purchase required – FREE to participate
  • Revise and repost to level up your scores

Publishers LOVE RC1 Story Scores™

Aggregated Story Scores™ help you see what’s GREAT about your story and ways you can make it even better. Revise and repost to watch your scores go up and know when a scene or chapter is polished and ready. RC1 writers are using their Story Scores™ as part of their query and submission package to demonstrate that they’ve done the work and that an entire community believes in their book.

Publisher Connections Happen Here

As we grow our network of editors and agents, we host contests and challenges to help connect publishing gatekeepers with writers who continue to level up and produce fresh, highly-rated stories. They’re looking for undiscovered talent and RC1 wants to connect them with YOU.

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Make professional connections with an entire community of likeminded storytellers on the same journey. Learn from them as you help each other level up.

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Polish your work in progress until it shines using Story Scores™ and feedback from your peers. You’ll know when your work is ready, and be able to submit with confidence!