Module 7: Advanced World building

Every story has a world.

From Jane Austin’s 19th century England to Steinbeck’s California or Andy Weir’s surface of Mars, great world-builders give us an immersive sense of place and time.

Here’s the awesome news for you and me.

As writers, offering a first-class voyage into an intriguing world (real or imagined) is one of the best hooks we can offer a reader. Or, better yet, that editor or agent you’ve been trying to tempt for ages. This course offers a deep-dive into world-building tools that will make your world feel real, authentic, and immersive. You’ll get specific tools you can use over and over for every new world you create.

In this module, we will:

  • Examine the difference between worldbuilding and setting
  • Explore tools for brainstorming and developing your world and setting, regardless of genre
  • Look at specific challenges for various genres and what readers expect in those worlds
  • Examine how to choose the right details to bring your world and setting to life and ground readers in your story world
  • Put it all together in a way that keeps readers hooked in your story world

Level up with these exclusive RC1 tools:

  • Where Should Your Story Happen? Worksheet
  • Brainstorming a ‘Real’ World Worksheet
  • Brainstorming a Created World Worksheet
  • Putting Your World to Work Worksheet
  • Setting the Scene Worksheet
  • Developing a Setting Worksheet
  • World and Setting Checklist
  • Bonus Material: Magic Brainstorming Worksheet

In “Advanced Worldbuilding,” we unravel the secrets of crafting active and mesmerizing story worlds. In this course, you’ll plunge into deep world-building tools, cultivating a sense of place with authenticity and immersion. Join us to craft worlds that leap from the page, captivating readers and industry insiders alike.