Module 5: Discovering Voice

Voice is publishing’s silver bullet. Learn to harness yours.

Perhaps the most elusive element of craft, everyone has a different definition of what it means to write with Voice. Some say it is the X-factor. Some say you’re either born with it or you’re not. Others say you’ll only know it when you hear it. In this master class, we’ll explore exercises and examples designed to help you set your Voice free and become the writer that agents and editors are looking for – the one that no one else can be.

In this module, we will:

  • Define author Voice and explore examples
  • Examine methods of discovering what makes your Voice unique
  • Explore tools for further developing author Voice
  • Practice writing with your unique author Voice

Level up with these exclusive RC1 tools:

  • True Voice Checklist
  • The Intellectual Core of Voice Worksheet
  • The Emotional Core of Voice Worksheet
  • Technical Voice Analysis
  • Your Authorial Voice Worksheet
  • Free Writing Voice Exercises

Voice holds the power to set your work apart. Amidst varying interpretations of what Voice is and isn’t, this master class demystifies and empowers you to discover your own. Define and refine your authorial identity, embrace uniqueness, and captivate literary audiences. Join now to transform your writing into an irreplaceable narrative force, poised to resonate deeply with readers and industry connoisseurs. Your quest for authentic Voice begins here.