Module 3: Plotting with Malicious Intent

Brilliant Stories Don’t Happen on Accident

They’re thoughtfully planned and carefully coordinated. Diligence at refining plot and structure self-corrects a litany of story problems, including:

  • Concepts that fizzle out
  • Starting in the wrong place
  • Lack of conflict
  • Slow / unnecessary action
  • Lumpy or mushy middles
  • Poorly defined goals
  • Low tension
  • Dangling story threads

In this master class, we explore how you can set up your structure from the beginning to create conflict-driven thrill rides that keep readers glued till the last page.

In this module, we will:

  • Explore story structure options that have successfully launched thousands of novels.
  • Craft Story Arcs that reveal the theme and emotional significance of your story.
  • Find and develop your core internal and external conflicts driving your plot.
  • Learn how to determine which character arc your protagonist needs and how it affects your story.
  • Craft the major turning points of your plot and character arc to help you develop a solid structure for your novel.

Level up with these exclusive RC1 tools:

  • Your Character’s BIG NEED Worksheet
  • Your Character’s BIG WANT Worksheet
  • Plotstorming: Conflict Types Worksheet
  • Plotstorming: Antagonist First Worksheet
  • Positive Character Arc Worksheet
  • Flat Character Arc Worksheet
  • Negative Character Arc Worksheet
  • Story Structure Worksheet

Decode the mysteries behind compelling plots and character arcs with “Plotting with Malicious Intent.” Craft stories that captivate from start to finish by refining structure, igniting conflict, and steering arcs to resonate powerfully. Join now to design narratives that grip readers and leave industry gatekeepers hungry for more. Your journey towards incredible plotting begins here.