Module 2: Unforgettable Characters

We fall in love with character first

And industry gatekeepers want to acquire projects with characters that shine. But how do you make your characters ring true? What makes them feel like real, actual people instead of cardboard stereotypes?

This course dives deeper into character, including how to use your understanding of self to fully realize every character in your story. You’ll get specific tools you can use over and over for every future story you write.

In this module, we will:

  • Explore the difference between Roles and Archetypes, and how you need both for your story.
  • Provide tools to create agency for your characters so readers and gatekeepers will root for them to succeed.
  • Examine some traditional tools to get the most out of each character.
  • Make the reader care by creating emotional connections.
  • Add layers of nuance to your characters through their flaws, fears, and vulnerabilities.

Level up with these exclusive RC1 tools:

  • Character Role Worksheet
  • Creating Agency Worksheet
  • Character ARG! Sheet (Attributes, Relationships & Goals)
  • Freewriting Prompts
  • Character Arc Worksheet
  • Creating Emotional Connection Worksheet
  • How is Your Character Broken? Worksheet

Unravel the secrets of crafting authentic personalities with “Unforgettable Characters.” Pick the perfectly broken personas to infuse depth into your cast and set up deeply satisfying transformations. Join us now to captivate readers and industry gatekeepers with characters that linger long after the tale is told.