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View your critique notes and Story Scores™ to see what’s great about your work and what might need a little polish. Revise with the confidence that comes from real feedback.

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The community decides which stories are READY to be pitched to agents and editors. We’re out to discover the next big thing and it can be YOU

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“I am excited to get back into writing, and RC1 is a great motivator for me to get off my arse and create.”

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“It’s a great platform. Has substantiallyimproved my writing with invaluable feedback.I highly recommend it.”

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“Honestly, I was in shock when we first talked on the phone, and I was offered representation. I am definitely basking in the achievement of this goal.”

~Jake Fluekiger
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“We have an official launch date! CELEBRITY CRUSH will come out Feb. 11, 2025 from Hachette!”

~Christy Swift
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So how does a writer usually ‘break in’ to Publishing?

Publishing is a journey. Don't go it alone.

Build Your Author Toolkit

With advice from experienced writers and master classes taught by industry veterans. The more you learn and the harder you work, the sooner your work will be ready. 

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Through contests judged by acquiring editors and agents. Learn what they’re looking for in a manuscript and submit with confidence knowing you’ve made a personal connection.

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Polish your story until it shines with the help of fellow writers on the same journey. Learn tricks of the trade for getting past the slush pile and into the eager hands of editors and agents.

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