Module 9: Critical Revision

Great writers trust in revision.

From agents to editors to bestselling authors, every publishing pro has seen and experienced firsthand the transformational work of revision. This course explores critical methods to help you approach your revision process strategically and with intention. From gauging a manuscript’s readiness to diving into layers of refinement, you’ll discover methods to identify issues that need to be addressed and enhance the impact of your most critical story threads.The tools you will learn in this class can be used for every future story you write.

In this module, we will:

  • Decide if a novel is ready for revision
  • Explore tools for planning a revision process
  • Explore the different layers of revising a manuscript¬†
  • Determine when a revision process is done and next steps in the publishing journey

Level up with these exclusive RC1 tools:

  • A Simple Editorial Map
  • Editorial Map Review
  • Revision Checklist
  • Revision Pass Worksheets
  • Issue Tracker Template

Unlock the transformative power of the revision process. A staple for both emerging and established authors, revision is where writing truly evolves. Equip yourself with invaluable tools that will not only elevate your current project but will serve as a compass for future stories. Join now to refine your story with precision before embarking on the next phase of your publishing journey. Your path to polished storytelling begins here.