Module 6: Dialogue Decoded

Dialogue is a Writer’s Swiss Army Knife

One of the sneakiest ways to make your story brilliant is through your characters’ conversations, which often take up more than half of your story. Dialogue can compress backstory, intensify action, raise the stakes, reveal motivations, and LOADS more. This master class takes a deep dive into character communication and how to use what’s spoken (and left unsaid) to say everything.

In this module, we will:

  • Define the main ways characters communicate in fiction
  • Analyze how dialogue and internalization  reveal character and advance the plot
  • Explore how subtext can be used to add depth and complexity to your writing
  • Examine common dialogue, internalization, and subtext problems and discuss how to fix them
  • Use all three to develop unique character voice

Level up with these exclusive RC1 tools:

  • Dialogue Questions Worksheet
  • Dialogue Exercises Worksheet
  • Internalization Exercises
  • Subtext Exercises
  • Silence, Secrets, and Lies Worksheet
  • Character Voice Questionnaire

Discover the remarkable potential of dialogue for crafting compelling narratives. Immerse yourself in the art of constructing conversations that maximize your story’s conflict, expose character motivations, and raise the stakes. Through this master class, you’ll redefine character communication, harnessing dialogue and internalization to amplify character development and plot progression. Join now to transform your narratives into conversational wonders that captivate readers and industry gatekeepers alike.