Module 4: Scenes: The Building Blocks of Story

Ever wonder how a chapter becomes a perfect package?

The answer is Scene Structure. But what is a scene and how is it different from a chapter? As individual moments in time in a story, every scene contains specific elements that must be addressed in order to engage the reader on an emotional level and drive your narrative toward a satisfying conclusion. In this class, we’ll walk through the basics of scene structure and then dive deeper to show you how scenes can become your writing superpower.

In this module, we will:

  • Analyze how scenes and sequels work to create your plot and drive your story
  • Develop strong goals and motivations for your characters for every scene
  • Explore your conflict type and how your internal and external conflicts drive your plot, as well as determine what’s at stake for your characters if they fail
  • Provide tools for determining your scene goals, motivations, conflicts, and stakes, as well as templates to outline your scenes and develop your core conflicts

Level up with these exclusive RC1 tools:

  • Where Should My Story Start? Worksheet
  • Scene Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Scene Goals & Motivations Worksheet
  • Defining (and Raising) the Stakes Worksheet
  • Scene-Level Stakes Worksheet
  • X-Y-Z Worksheet
  • Scene Setup & Narrative Drive Checklist

Unravel the art of crafting cohesive narratives through scene structure in “Scenes: The Building Blocks of Story.” Discover the essence of scene dynamics and how they drive your plot towards emotional resonance and fulfillment. With exclusive RC1 tools, you’ll master the intricacies of scene goals, motivations, and conflicts. Join us today to turn scenes into your storytelling superpower, captivating both gatekeepers and readers by leaving them eager to know what happens next.